If you need to see or speak to a Pastor, simply visit or call the Office on 020 8801 4939. All calls and meetings are confidential.


King’s Kids
This  department meets the  specific needs of the following groups: Children aged 5-12 (Kingdom  Kids), Teenagers aged 13-18


This ministry is Headed by First Lady Pastor Olivia Ansah, this ministry brings women of all ages and nationalities together. Regular meetings are held for …Successful Wives (married women)

Women of excellence (single women)

Mothers-in-Waiting (wives believing God for babies)

Positive Parents (single mothers)

Senior Sisters (mature women of God – aged 50 and above)


The K.L.M Men’s ministry is geared towards challenging, encouraging and igniting the zeal of all men.

Youth Ministry –youngstersofire

The youth ministry embarks on weekly service every wednesday from 7pm-9:30pm to empower young people spiritually, physically and mentally.  It embarks on discussions on pertinent issues affecting society, feed the hungry. Its main main is to empower young people and bring out the best in them.  Youngsters come from different works of life and ministries.


Service Times

Tuesday Jericho Hour 10:30am-12:30pm

Wednesday Youth Service Youngstersonfire Service 7:30pm-9:30pm

Friday Prophetic Encounter and Deliverance Service 7pm-9:30pm

Sunday Morning Glory 9am-10:30am, Miracle Crusade 11am-1:30pm


PHONE: + 44 20 8801 4939 • FAX: + 44 20 8525 0002

EMAIL: info@kingdomlife-ministries.org

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